Friday, 23 December 2011

Is there really a Father Christmas????

My daughter asked me the big question today...

Is there really a Father Christmas? Now this is a tricky question for adults, so I word my reply in a way to keep her thinking about what she as just asked me. If there is no Father Christmas where did the idea come from? I send her away hoping that my reply will keep her busy, but no. My seven year old daughter is not daft.

‘Daddy lifted the mattress up and I looked under your bed and saw loads of presents. Who are they for? Daddy thought I did not see them, but I did.’

I send her away with the usual excuse of mummy is busy.

Later that day I give my husband an ear bashing. He said but you did not tell me they were hidden under my side of the bed. My reply, it is the same place every year because there is nowhere else to hide them Doh!

So the big mystery may have been solved, but I still took her to see the ‘Winter Wonderland’ at Hyde Park. My daughter sat near Father Christmas and told him what she would like for Christmas. As we walked away she said ‘He looked like the real Father Christmas, but I know he is not. He has loads of helpers that dress up as him.’ My reply was quick. ‘Yes but the helpers’ report back to Father Christmas so you had better watch it.’

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I Have Found a Happy Medium

Dressing up is so much fun...

If I look back over the last two years I can honestly say I never thought I would be doing what I am doing now. The acting thing has really taken off and I have had to turn down two paid jobs this week due to clashes with other commitments. It has shocked me with the response considering how many actors are out there without work. Even when chatting with other people about the work I have done so far without even trying and listening to their stories surprises me. As a friend recently said don’t complain just keep going because you must be doing something right.

My New Year wish is to get a small part in a period drama, but recently a big feature film has shown interest and requested a CV.

And I am almost ready for Christmas only a few bits to complete.

Anyone for a slice of cake......