Monday, 23 January 2012

So is there really sexism involved with diagnosis?

Nothing surprises me anymore with the path that I now walk on. Like many I have plenty unanswered questions and some of the answers are right under my nose if I go looking. Someone showed me a link about sexism and the way women are received with a medical complaint. According to this link men are less lightly to visit their GP, which means their complaint will be rushed through the system for tests unlike women. Doctors during training are taught to see women as over emotional hypochondriacs. This is a strong statement to make, but it is common knowledge. This could explain why I was not referred for a mammogram on my first visit to my GP. That really his gesture of ‘I will refer you if you want.’ Was only manipulation on his part to solve a problem that to him really did not exist? By offering he was really saying no you do not have an issue. It took me nine months from my first visit to my GP until my diagnoses was made for breast cancer. That is a long bloody time for action to be taken. Yet even on the diagnosis of my breast cancer. I could have still slipped through the net because of the results on my first lot of biopsies. Apparently on discussion of my results I was going to be released from further treatment. It was only down to my female oncologist that a second lot of biopsies were done that my breast cancer was discovered. And the medical board was built up of mainly men.

So is there really sexism involved with our diagnosis?

It could explain why so many women are being left too late on breast cancer diagnosis. That really there are two reasons not just one to why they are slipping thru the net. Money and sexism who can compete against that?

On a good note I have taken the bull by the horn and stopped any further plastic surgery. It makes no sense continuing a procedure if it is making me unhappy. And I was told my implant was not a PIP implant and it would be checked as routine in a years’ time. They also said the door would remain open if I choose to change my mind. Roll on May for my next oncology appointment.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Promote Awareness with a positive informative impact!

The only time I would have loved to hear the word NEGATIVE was on my diagnosis. Yet the pressure to be a cheesy Cheshire cat that oozes positivity with every step is expected... NOT!!!!

I am an argumentative old soul who has cracks in her personality like any other person. I have times of weakness when I say what the hell and I feel sorry for myself, so what! But when someone says the word NEGATIVE! It puts hell into me. I am not NEGATIVE! Argumentative yes! Irritating yes! Talkative 100% yes! But NEGATIVE nope!

A person who discusses things freely is not a negative person in fact it is a positive person trying to make sense of his or her surroundings...

Talking or debating is one of the healing processes of trying to understand the bubble of cancer. But what we tend to forget is, we are all individuals with different personalities with one common denominator CANCER! And we all wish we hadn’t.

I have watched people try to express thru their blogs or FB that they are not satisfied with certain things they see to promote BC awareness. I myself have done the same, and I have witnessed those same individuals be shot down becoming angry and withdrawn because of the word NEGATIVE!

They are not negative they are trying to keep the awareness campaign clear and true to the facts that people are unaware of. On this path I have become protective over the word ‘Awareness’ and its impact on cancer.


Only a few days ago I spoke to a nineteen year old girl about breast cancer and she said, ‘So did they remove the lump?’ This question crops up quite often, so I sat down with her and explained my type of cancer. She was in shock to hear the varying other types that I knew of, and I said go to the Macmillan web page. That way all the information was there at hand for her to read in her own time. I also told her that not all breast cancer leads to a mastectomy that techniques are changing with treatment or reconstruction, but still it is a very slow process.

Her reply was, ‘I didn’t know!’

But why should she know, it has not darkened her door. It is true fear of cancer and its attachment to death is still very real. That is why people bury their heads in the sand because they see nothing but dome with cancer. But surely getting the facts out there giving people the right advice to be pro active to cancer is better than some silly game that has no impact on awareness. That speaking out against such naivety really is keeping the message clear.

If a person who expresses that some of the awareness campaigns that are used are generating mix signals it is not negative, but it is positive feedback. In my eye there are better ways because there are still young people out there who believe breast cancer is a lump. That breast cancer only affects females not males.

Breast cancer awareness is not a game; it is all about getting out the right information, so that information gives them the correct facts about cancer.

Wake Up People!

Promote Awareness with a positive informative impact... Let’s stop the silly games... 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Madonna Premiere 2012

Sometimes you have to throw the rag and say Ok it beat me. The acting part I had was just too hard for me. I had major issues with learning the script and understanding the character. I was crap for the part and not equipped to take on such a strong role, but hey at least I tried. Not that I’m giving up on acting I’ll just stick to small roles rather than big ones.

But despite that glitch I have lots to smile about. I went to the Madonna gala premiere of W.E with a friend. My mischievous side kicked in, and I encouraged a group of girls to help me design a poster. I was determined this time to get Madonna’s autograph. So we all sat huddled in the cold deciding how to design a poster that would be eye catching. And brother it was just that Madonna’s PR team were impressed with our efforts, and yes it worked. Madonna signed most of the groups books with the letter M. And the press enjoyed using the poster for a starting point when chatting about the premiere.

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Andera Riseborough & Madonna on red carpet of W.E.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Who can we trust?

With a New year comes a different set of unwanted health worries. We all know, or should I say that people like me know the rollercoaster of cancer is not a simple fix. Your reliance or trust in others judgements with your health can come under fire, especially if you are let down.

Back in September 2009 in my plastic surgeons office I was told silicone was now safe with little chance of rupturing. How wrong my surgeon was and how wrong I was to trust his words. Recently it has come to light that a certain company in France which supplies silicone implants to the UK have been using cheap industrial silicone.

France has held its hands up and has issued a statement saying all implants should be removed. This has set alarms bells going amongst the BC community in the UK and myself. If a French company supplied the implants and France are removing them surely the UK should not drag its feet. The mess this French company has created will set back the NHS a heap of money they do not want to part with. The NHS are already trying to cover their backs by convincing UK women there is nothing to worry about by hiding behind a single figure percentage , but I am already a single figure percentage and look where that left me. No-one in their right mind accepts faulty goods, especially if those goods could lead to further possible health issues.

The more I ride the roller coaster of breast cancer the more I understand why people fold the deck of cards that are dealt without even trying. Not only that, but how dark and devious people are when cutting corners on cost. This in turn destroys trust which to me is unacceptable in this day and age. People need to know that they are receiving the right treatment without added risk they in turn were not aware of. I of course will be speaking with my plastic surgeon to find out if my implant was a PIP.

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Update 3rd January 2012

Meantime I have spent a lot of my time rehearsing my new role/script trying to take my mind elsewhere. And as easy as it sounds it is quite difficult because I will have to portray emotions I tend to shy away from. My character is on the opposite spectrum of what I am. She is clingy and needy, where as I am quite cold and distant. I think that coldness I have in my personality is what got me through my treatment for cancer. In real life I play the logical and keep it to basics role very well. Whereas the emotional needy counterpart I find hard to understand. After all in my world everything has a place with no time for tears or tantrums. I personally did not want my emotional side to intrude, so I spent a lot of energy keeping it at bay. I suppose that is why when I got breast cancer I found myself needing reassurance it shocked me. All my life I have dealt with personal issues without the help of others. And I never ever felt threatened by anyone because I did not have that ‘NEED’  tag on my shoulder.