Thursday, 19 January 2012

Promote Awareness with a positive informative impact!

The only time I would have loved to hear the word NEGATIVE was on my diagnosis. Yet the pressure to be a cheesy Cheshire cat that oozes positivity with every step is expected... NOT!!!!

I am an argumentative old soul who has cracks in her personality like any other person. I have times of weakness when I say what the hell and I feel sorry for myself, so what! But when someone says the word NEGATIVE! It puts hell into me. I am not NEGATIVE! Argumentative yes! Irritating yes! Talkative 100% yes! But NEGATIVE nope!

A person who discusses things freely is not a negative person in fact it is a positive person trying to make sense of his or her surroundings...

Talking or debating is one of the healing processes of trying to understand the bubble of cancer. But what we tend to forget is, we are all individuals with different personalities with one common denominator CANCER! And we all wish we hadn’t.

I have watched people try to express thru their blogs or FB that they are not satisfied with certain things they see to promote BC awareness. I myself have done the same, and I have witnessed those same individuals be shot down becoming angry and withdrawn because of the word NEGATIVE!

They are not negative they are trying to keep the awareness campaign clear and true to the facts that people are unaware of. On this path I have become protective over the word ‘Awareness’ and its impact on cancer.


Only a few days ago I spoke to a nineteen year old girl about breast cancer and she said, ‘So did they remove the lump?’ This question crops up quite often, so I sat down with her and explained my type of cancer. She was in shock to hear the varying other types that I knew of, and I said go to the Macmillan web page. That way all the information was there at hand for her to read in her own time. I also told her that not all breast cancer leads to a mastectomy that techniques are changing with treatment or reconstruction, but still it is a very slow process.

Her reply was, ‘I didn’t know!’

But why should she know, it has not darkened her door. It is true fear of cancer and its attachment to death is still very real. That is why people bury their heads in the sand because they see nothing but dome with cancer. But surely getting the facts out there giving people the right advice to be pro active to cancer is better than some silly game that has no impact on awareness. That speaking out against such naivety really is keeping the message clear.

If a person who expresses that some of the awareness campaigns that are used are generating mix signals it is not negative, but it is positive feedback. In my eye there are better ways because there are still young people out there who believe breast cancer is a lump. That breast cancer only affects females not males.

Breast cancer awareness is not a game; it is all about getting out the right information, so that information gives them the correct facts about cancer.

Wake Up People!

Promote Awareness with a positive informative impact... Let’s stop the silly games... 

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