Monday, 23 January 2012

So is there really sexism involved with diagnosis?

Nothing surprises me anymore with the path that I now walk on. Like many I have plenty unanswered questions and some of the answers are right under my nose if I go looking. Someone showed me a link about sexism and the way women are received with a medical complaint. According to this link men are less lightly to visit their GP, which means their complaint will be rushed through the system for tests unlike women. Doctors during training are taught to see women as over emotional hypochondriacs. This is a strong statement to make, but it is common knowledge. This could explain why I was not referred for a mammogram on my first visit to my GP. That really his gesture of ‘I will refer you if you want.’ Was only manipulation on his part to solve a problem that to him really did not exist? By offering he was really saying no you do not have an issue. It took me nine months from my first visit to my GP until my diagnoses was made for breast cancer. That is a long bloody time for action to be taken. Yet even on the diagnosis of my breast cancer. I could have still slipped through the net because of the results on my first lot of biopsies. Apparently on discussion of my results I was going to be released from further treatment. It was only down to my female oncologist that a second lot of biopsies were done that my breast cancer was discovered. And the medical board was built up of mainly men.

So is there really sexism involved with our diagnosis?

It could explain why so many women are being left too late on breast cancer diagnosis. That really there are two reasons not just one to why they are slipping thru the net. Money and sexism who can compete against that?

On a good note I have taken the bull by the horn and stopped any further plastic surgery. It makes no sense continuing a procedure if it is making me unhappy. And I was told my implant was not a PIP implant and it would be checked as routine in a years’ time. They also said the door would remain open if I choose to change my mind. Roll on May for my next oncology appointment.

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