Thursday, 12 January 2012

Madonna Premiere 2012

Sometimes you have to throw the rag and say Ok it beat me. The acting part I had was just too hard for me. I had major issues with learning the script and understanding the character. I was crap for the part and not equipped to take on such a strong role, but hey at least I tried. Not that I’m giving up on acting I’ll just stick to small roles rather than big ones.

But despite that glitch I have lots to smile about. I went to the Madonna gala premiere of W.E with a friend. My mischievous side kicked in, and I encouraged a group of girls to help me design a poster. I was determined this time to get Madonna’s autograph. So we all sat huddled in the cold deciding how to design a poster that would be eye catching. And brother it was just that Madonna’s PR team were impressed with our efforts, and yes it worked. Madonna signed most of the groups books with the letter M. And the press enjoyed using the poster for a starting point when chatting about the premiere.

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Andera Riseborough & Madonna on red carpet of W.E.

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