Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Man With BC & Is My Cancer Different?

It is very rare that you find a man with breast cancer and rare that he is willing to blog his experience. I recently befriended such a man on my FB page thanks to a fellow BC survivor putting his blog thread on my FB page. Doug E Harper is very witty with buckets full of sarcasm and at the beginning of his treatment/surgery, so he is fresh to BC land and its crazy journey of appointments, prods and pokes. He also has diabetes like myself and is facing the complication diabetes can create during treatment for BC. I would tell anyone to read and follow this man without a doubt because he has plenty to say about being on the opposite of the spectrum i.e. being a man with BC.  

Also 'Is My Cancer Different' emailed me a few months back asking if I would like to place their badge on my blog page. At first I was not 100% certain about this request, but after having a nosey myself I thought it was a excellent site for those that are recently diagnosed with cancer. The site has various videos which to me is better than pages of reading material, and helps you to understand the basic question; Is my cancer different?

We are always lead to believe on the beginning of our journey that cancer is cancer and our treatment is the same no matter where you go or what type. But once you make friends with people that have had a similar cancer to yourself such as breast cancer. You soon realise treatments for cancer vary because we are all individuals. This site does not offer solutions to cancer, but helps with the basic understanding and some of the technical jargon on diagnosis and treatment. And personally I would say check it out after all being pro-active helps.


  1. I think that is an important point to mention that everyone's cancer and treatment is different. What is good for one person may not be good for another.
    I have already heard people worrying that a certain treatment is normally done and they have not been given that option. (well it was me to be honest)
    Keep up the good work


    Just wanted to note that here is a thread for men with BC if you have not seen this.
    Rock on

  3. Thank you for the thread link .. Katherine

    Sarah M