Monday, 5 March 2012

John Carter UK Premiere & Keeping Busy


I and Sophia had the good fortune of going to another premiere and watching the movie ’John Carter' before anyone else in the UK. I would encourage people to see this movie as it is child friendly even though it is a 12A. Andrew Stanton (Director) I think was impressed with Sophia and the fact she had the loudest voice at the premiere. He approached Sophia asking who she was with and I replied she was with me. In return he fished out two tickets for her to walk the red carpet. Only ten minutes before she was asking when she could see the movie, so the look on her face and the scream of glee was priceless.

Although some folk might find our new hobby pretty sad, to me it is building Sophia’s confidence up. The fact she is slowly realising she can actually talk to people that normally she would not have access too is brillant. My young daughter will not have a picture taken with celebs, and I do not encourage her either. Many of the A-listers Sophia has met have asked her if she would like a picture, but she is happy just to have a squiggle and I make that clear to the celebs. Her collection which begun because of the cancer bubble is a who’s who and even I am surprised. My daughter has managed to walk the red carpet of three big premieres, and that I know would not have happened if I had not got breast cancer. Whether people agree or not cancer personally woke me up, and made me realise I was letting opportunities slip by due to fear of being judged.

Meantime I have been busy writing a movie script myself. It is about greed, lust, love and ignorance. Time period 600ad when England was Mercia and Northumbria etc. You had Anglo-Saxons tribes fighting amongst themselves whilst the Vikings were raiding the coast lines. It has me excited because it has a twist which I cannot mention. I just hope I can work out how to get it on film.

As well as the writing I have got involved with a project my oncologist and breast cancer nurse are organising, a Self help group for breast cancer patients. The fact I have done a course in setting up community projects back in 2001 means I’m in my comfort zone. I have even designed a logo, so the group has a visual to work with until one is designed by the group.

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