Saturday, 31 March 2012

Letting The Dust Settle

My month has been full off plaster dust due to my home finally getting the much needed attention it deserves. My stress levels have been up and down with a few choice words swopped between myself and my husband. The past couple of weeks my husband has resorted to sleeping on the sofa whilst my young daughter sleeps with me. Her bedroom is getting a fresh coat of plaster and alterations. Hopefully all will be complete very soon with some normality/routine.

The new self help breast cancer group which involves setting up various activities (i.e. yoga, art, theatre day outs) I am already facing problems with. On my first private meeting I had mentioned a friend who was looking for a volunteer position to gain experience within such a group. My friend is doing a masters in this field of work and it would of been ideal. I spoke about it in detail with the BC nurse and if I could introduce her to my friend at the next meeting.  
I understand the formalities of setting up community groups I was trained to setup those very groups, but what happened was unforgivable/embarrassing for myself and my friend.
As someone who has worked as a youth worker/activity leader for sixteen years I understand the importance of volunteers within a group to make it work, but it seems what this group wants and what the group needs is right now in the hands of one individual with a upper crust accent or should I say Mrs Bouquet, but Mrs Bucket in real life.
This is why I have personally decided that this group is not for me. I explained to my friend that she was not to worry and she can use it as experience. The breast nurse said she would speak to me in private later, but she will be in for a big shock, after all it was for my friend to speak to her and get advice not what took place. Thank fully the group comprised of four breast cancer patients including myself, one BC nurse and a patient cancer advocate guest who was also shocked at what occurred. It seems I am not the only one who feels this group is not for them because the previous week it comprised of seventeen women and advisors. I was under the impression the group was an activity group which would need regular volunteers so people who attend can concentrate on an activity rather than minor details. I must of miss read the small print..... opps what small print...


  1. Having worked with volunteers for years now, I know they can be like gold dust. Hopefully your friend will find a group that will appreciate her, but it is a pity that this group looks like it is headed nowhere - what a waste.
    Hope your daughter is enjoying her "new" room soon.

  2. Precisely Eliza.. I have worked in both areas as a volunteer and as a individual who was incharge of a group of volunteers. It seems this group do not understand the formation of a self help group and how you need all the help you can get when starting out.
    Sophia is impressed so far with her freshly plastered room. We have a new bed for her and deciding on decor and carpet.. She has her signed posters to put up on her walls just need to get them framed..

    Hope all is well Eliza