Monday, 9 April 2012

Yum-Yum Soup... with Anti-toxins

Almost empty pan of sweet potato, red pepper & carrot soup
Lately I have gone right off eating meat and I’m in search of something that can bring my taste buds back to life. A television program called Lorraine was discussing the properties of certain foods, which I personally already knew all about. I’m just like most people too bloody lazy to put it into practice.
I was driven to my fridge to see what was on offer. I needed colour anything with colour has anti-toxin properties...
Various types of Cheese (Love cheese but my cholesterol is high right the mo)
Various sauces & jams
Fruit juice
Kiwi fruit
In other words not much... with colour

Anyone who knows anything about a diet for diabetes (musts) is to look for fresh vegetables or fruit with colour. You must avoid the beige coloured foods such as potatoes, pasta, white bread etc... I mean there is a reason why honey bees go mental on a deep yellow flower. And buzz right on by when they see a white crusty loaf.

So after completing some more glossing of skirting boards and cleaning up the window frames of grease etc I popped to the shops in my paint covered jog pants. (This is London not down with the crew when you're covered in paint, but what the hell!)

I browse the Vegetable area in co-op to see what they have to offer. Ha-ha I say to myself a nice red pepper. Lucky me they also had sweet potato which beats the beige white potato’s in my fridge. I also grabbed a French stick sorry I love my white bread too much, not keen on wholemeal.

I head home with my booty of colour in hope my taste buds will be thankful and stomach.

First I grab two cloves of garlic and roughly chop them up. Followed by an average onion from the fridge (I wanted red but co-op failed to help on that one) which I diced up. I place both of these in a large saucepan with some olive oil to sweat off. Next I peeled my large sweet potato and cubed up. Grabbed four small carrots from the fridge peeled and sliced. Then deseeded the red pepper and roughly diced. I placed two small Maggie vegetable stock cubes in some boiling water to dissolve. Once my onions and garlic had finished sweating I added the stock and prepped vegetables into the large sauce pan with a pinch of mixed herbs. I leave to boil until the sweet potato is soft. Then I transfer all into a blender and zap... 20 mins later a fresh bowl of soup and my taste buds loved it... has a very unusual rustic earthy flavour yum-yum!


  1. Thanks for that Sarah.
    As a non meat eater this does fine

  2. Well it tastes really good Doug.. I polished the last bit in the pot off... and it's my own recipe.. lol