Sunday, 20 May 2012

Living, Laughing and Breast Cancer

My six month oncology appointment is on the 25th and yes I don't deny I am nervous.Yet as normal I have kept myself busy by learning new tricks as I say. Although my house is still needing a good lick of paint on fresh plaster I have personally decided enough is enough. I have sat on my arse and let my husband clean up the rest of the house. I had rushed to complete two rooms and my husband thought what I did was alright. The perfectionist in me has said you know what the only way this man will learn is to treat him like he treats me. And I have had fun doing exactly that. A friend put out a request for a place to do a short film in, so I said he could use my home. It was three days of laughter and mayhem, but hey that is the life I love. My kitchen was a massacre scene from a horror movie, but it was fun. Do not get me wrong my husband had fun also whilst puffing out his plumage, and I had to clean up the mess after filming. But it was something other than my husbands company and a ticking clock.

Me holding a boom and the cameraman.

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