Thursday, 28 June 2012

Life Isn't so Bad... is it?

A lot of the time I have a beaming smile across my face, but of late that smile has dipped a little, only because I had to have yet another aspiration done on yet another cyst. It means I have to wait another week for the medical board meeting, but fingers crossed no nasties are found.

In my own way of dealing with these glitches I have been going through the autograph collection which is mounting up. It is time to start off loading some of these autographs to auction charities. I have developed a separate blog which is called ‘To Sophia... Collection’ and added the film footage from some of the premieres we have attended. This in turn shows we are meeting Tom Cruise and various other stars, despite people being slightly concerned about my whole approach to my diagnosis. To me doing this hobby with Sophia has added excitement and a way of helping others.

I have also become a Nana at the age of forty-one, so life isn’t treating me so bad is it....

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