Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Positive Approach To Cancer

When I told friends what I was doing on the day I was waiting for that dreaded phone call they said, good on ya! Why dwell on something that you have no control over.

I was helping a friend (Lukas DiSparrow)making a music video in my home and it was fun. I had a glint in my eye when he said he wanted a dozen roses set alight. Trust me roses do not go up in flames they need a little help(lighter Fluid).

The wonderful actresses Nicole Peters & Gemma Giubarelli

My main focus in life is not cancer it never has been. I still do what I did before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and that is assist people with their media projects i.e. props and costumes. I tried the acting thing which was fun, but it was not me. I tried the modelling thing again I was never a model type person. I am a free bird that likes to use her hands and brain. It isn’t easy standing and posing for camera’s or learning scripts and expressing various emotions. At least when designing or hunting down various props you feel more involved. Plus I get to throw my hands in the air when a suggestion I have made actually works. I am a Jack in the pack there is nothing I cannot actually do, but I am in my comfort zone when I am helping others achieve their goals it is where I belong.

Dark Robot - You Mean Nothing To Me

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