Friday, 3 August 2012

If You Have Doubt Bloody Shout!!!

When you hear the word recurrence you do think the worst because it is the same high grade cancer, but once the fuzzy cloud has shifted out of the way and logic kicks in my fear turns into, ok what next. Thankfully the team that are dealing with me are on the ball. It was explained the 5mm on my rib and 3mm in my arm pit were outside of the margins of a mammogram machine and even a ultrasound could of missed them because they were so small. The fact I had found the 5mm area and could guide the radiologist to it which then revealed the second 3mm on investigation was a miracle. The oncologist has decided to remove the 5mm area surgically with a wire and treat the 3mm with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This prevents damage surgically to the nerves, muscle and blood vessels. There are still risks with the radiotherapy, but fingers crossed they will be minimal. The surgery takes place on the 13th August less than two weeks away. With a one day at a time approach to chemo and the rest.
It was kind of ironic that on my father’s death 16th July again I should find cancer. It was only thanks to me opening my mouth and saying guys just check this tiny American easy cook rice sized lump believing it was just scar tissue from the drainage tubing from the LD MX that led to this recent diagnosis, but they have also discovered an area on my right breast which means a second lumpectomy. After a couple of MDT meetings which had mixed response my oncologist has come up with a plan that means my recon and lymph nodes on the left can be left alone which was my main concern.
Now I know  certain individuals will be saying take it all away have done with it which is what a few of the MDT were suggesting, but thankfully I have an oncologist who believes this choice isn’t right for me. It does not mean that opinion won’t change once treatment starts, but for now I have to remain positive. I again thanks to my out spoken attitude found the cancer and hopefully fingers crossed I’ll be punching my fist in the air once all is done.
This is why I am now shouting from the rafters please, please, please if you think you have found something then tell your oncologist. Do not doubt yourself as my oncologist said you know your own body better than they do. Intuition is a powerful tool when discovering cancer. We know that it is there, but leave it way to long when getting diagnosed. This could be because of fear or simply we are turning to the wrong people to get advice. Personally I have a big mouth and don’t care who thinks what about me because it is me that is keeping me from earning my wings. Personally if my paranoia actually creates concern amongst my bloody team good it means they are doing their job.

The only issue with me having the operation and yes I did have a choice, but my health is more important. I don't get to take Sophia to the Expendables 2 premiere to meet Arnie.. umhhhhhhh!  

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