Monday, 10 September 2012

Another puncture to add to the rest :-)

Everyone has their own way of dealing with cancer. The ride you scarily jump on board leaves so many different scars both physically and mentally. I now have yet another puncture to add to the rest just to get this disease placed back in its box, but how many more?
I’ve become very robotic in the way I jump on that surgical bed to face yet more pain. My team are always apologetic beforehand, but in the next breath they admire my calm no tear approach. The whole procedure of having a marker put in place took 10 minutes. They numbed the area with a local followed by a quick nick with a scalpel. They insert what looks like a large hollowed out knitting needle to where the lesion sits between MX Recon and peck muscle within the armpit. It was a difficult area to reach because of vital blood vessels supplying recon, but with a little patience the marker was soon in place.

On returning home I received a phone call from the hairdresser who I had booked my appointment with to have my hair harvested. Bloomsbury told me that they would have to reschedule my appointment. Now I had already spoken with my BC nurse about harvesting and had promised to get the info for her. I thought by using me and my situation we could go undercover and check the place out, but that plan had changed, so has a last ditch attempt I explained my predicament and how I was researching there establishment for other BC ladies going through Chemo. When I had explained all they said that my appointment will remain. The only issue with having my hair cut short is it hasn’t been this short since I was fourteen...
My friend said on seeing this image, ‘Sarah you were one ugly duckling, but you turned into a beautiful swan.’

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