Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Bloomsbury with Sophia. Having my hair cut short wasn’t too bad, it was quite liberating. The fact the chemotherapy had not taken my hair meant I was taking some control back on how I was going to face my treatment. Family, friends, parents and teachers all said, Hey you suit short hair. The fact that Sophia was there helping the hairdresser to divide my hair in ponytails made it more fun. Personally I think I made the right decision and for once a women has got paid to get her hair cut. How strange!!!!.......

Bloomsbury paid me £30 pounds for my hair. I could of negiotated, but like I said to friends to be paid anything was better than watching it drop out. And the staff at Bloomsbury were lovely with encouraging Sophia to put my hair in pigtails. Sophia even got the dust pan and brush and started sweeping up the bits of hair whiles they were restyling. 


  1. I have been out of the loop with your blog this past few months Sarah...I am just catching up now..i am so deeply sorry to learn what you are going through. You are in my thoughts xxxx

    1. Hi Marie,
      I think their are a few of us having glitches of late.. Fingers crossed my glitch sorts itself out and i can moved forward.. Keep up the good work Marie.. I keep passing by on your blog to have a nosey lol