Sunday, 16 September 2012

Time to Kick Cancer Arse !!!!

My way of dealing with the ups and downs of prods and pokes is to go in search of a distraction. These small projects create a smile because I know people get enjoyment out of them. The past two weeks have flown by because of a child’s birthday party. To distract me from my upcoming treatment I built a princess tower or as I call it, my tower of strength.
Not only that I built a pi├▒ata and baked forty-eight cupcakes and designed the sleeves for them.
Plus ran up six table clothes to match the theme of the party.
Note to oneself do measure the drop from ceiling to floor next time Sarah!!!!

My friend said but Sarah your doing too much. My reply was, when going through the mastectomy in 2009 I did one hundred or more costumes for three productions and a ships wheel. Plus various other props just to get my mind round what I was facing. They helped me to stay focused on what was truly important and that is life itself not the doom under-note that cancer creates. We all fear, fear itself to stop doing what gives us pleasure is to lock yourself within a mental prison which could lead to a downward spiral. When I receive my chemotherapy I cannot say how I will fair, but I will stick to the same routines I have maintained from the very beginning. This is my way of dealing with the deck of cards I have been dealt. I am not a fool of course I will listen to my body, but I will remain Sarah. My image may change, but not my outlook on life... Now let’s kick cancers arse!!!

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