Friday, 12 October 2012

Relax in Chemo-land Ha!

My chemotherapy has had to be altered to a lesser dosage because of the white cell count, but on my second cycle they still had to use the veins in my hands because the request the chemo nurse mentioned on the first cycle was never forwarded on or in my notes. The second cycle took over two hours to complete because the vein started to get irritated. I was determined to get this second cycle done, so insisted we continue with the vein they had access too. To me it did not make sense using a different vein while there are still two tubes on the table and the next vein might not even play ball either. The nurse was not happy about doing this because you could clearly see my vein was not happy, but once I had the 5-fluorourcil, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide I could get out of the hospital and chill.

My second cycle of chemotherapy and a Neulasta injection the next day to boost my white cells done. Oh the joys of the breast cancer lottery!. Thankfully the registrar oncologist as requested for a chest portacath to be fitted. It is just a shame it has taken this long to actually listen to what I have been saying from the very beginning, but I was advised if I hear nothing from the big CC hospital to ring them. They say you should relax during this treatment, but by the looks of things there is no such word in chemo-land.

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