Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another Cancer Viral Video.. or Not!

The last four days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. The side effects from the chemotherapy have left me rather drained, but the outburst of comments from doing the video have kept me smiling. I have always stood by the fact music can lead to people looking at their personal issues with a new found prospective. The shadow that clouded their every move can receive a sharp boot with a defiant smile as its replacement.

‘Our interpretation within its lyrics as helped people view the song from a different angle. Before the video had been done the song was like any other song easily forgotten.’

That was the words from a complete stranger who had said they thought ‘Try’ from P!nks new album had more of a link to the journey they was on until now. Apparently from now on when hearing that song it will be heard in a whole new light. Well to me if it raises awareness to the internal struggle that breast cancer or any seriously ill parent faces when facing their child’s questions then Hooorahhhh!

My reasoning for doing this video is easily explained. I wanted to highlight the day in day out torment parents are facing with breast cancer. While it is seen as my young daughter waving that pink ribbon high with a smile. That is what you want to see, what society wants a cancer family to look like. Please everyone note that I am in a flimsy white gown with zero protection from the cold. That coldness and isolation is something never expressed on a viral cancer video. Lukas had gone in hunt of a location away from people so it would show the isolation. Cancer patients and their family/friends are supposed to be full of smiles and fists in the air, but that is not the reality I walk. Our children, family and friends know the truth. They hear us crying at night, they experience the anger and frustration; they go to their beds with the same isolation of the unknown. And it is they that face the aftermath of our journey.

To me the system that should be supporting us is sadly failing on more than one level. Personally I have not even received a phone call to ask how my treatment is going from my breast cancer team. The only contact I now have is with the Chemotherapy unit.
I have given up seeing anyone from the big E hospital because as long as they have my bloods what is the point. 
My young daughter is receiving support from her school, but I had to chase that support just in case issues came about. The words of reassurance given at the beginning by my team never came into play. I am just another number that sadly could fade away if I was silenced. Enhance our involvement in this video.... 


See, here's the bloody, bloody truth 
You will hurt and you will lose
I've got scars you won't believe
Wear them proudly on my sleeve
I hope you'll have the sense to know
That sadness comes and sadness goes
Love so hard and play life loud
It's the only thing to give a damn about

Personally I hope P!nk can back what we have done because Sophia is a fan of her music…. And these words are motivation to keep looking ahead..


  1. These are such important, crucial issues you are raising. Massive, massive hugs.

  2. I know and I hope this message remains clear and true.. That cancer is not a pity story, but a reality that thousands of people are facing without adequate support... It is time to break the image people want to see and express the true reality.. My Fb page is full of the same frustration I am going through.. and if those screams were actually heard it would make a heap of difference to support and treatment.. I am tired of hearing well you had your breast removed you should be cured.. no that is the media and a false truth of breast cancer.. I'm tired of hearing well your treatment is done move on.. No the fatigue some of these women and men face after chemo treatment does not just go away.. Oh your just makin a fuss.. Hell no.. you don't have my nightmares .. you don't have the constant unanswered questions.. and you damn well don't have your healthy breast jammed hard .. and they worry of knowing that very procedure could be causing more harm than good rattling round your head.. wake up people.. there is no cure to cancer.. but support is just as important when battling this disease..

    Sending Love ur way Kathi xxx