Thursday, 8 November 2012

Breast Cancer Rant!

I went to my GP appointment to sort the white cell injection out. On taking my seat in his office the conversation went straight into the complication of administering this injection and why people should not have that responsibility. Look Sarah if I give you the injection if anything goes wrong you can sue me. (Yes he was serious!) It was explained only the hospital that issued it should take responsibility for my care. The district nurses will not help because I’m under the big CC hospital rather than the big E hospital. My GP understood why I wanted a nurse to administer because of the unpredictability of the fits not the actual injection itself. I explained how the injection is prepped already and it has a self-administering needle. Once I had explained all of this my GP said he will administer the injection. The fact I had to travel for an hour to get the big CC hospital was to him out of the question. And at least if I did have a funny turn it was in a surgery not with someone who might panic.

On returning home I’m still pretty upset about how I had to go through all this stress for something that seemed so straight forward. Then I remember I have to reschedule an appointment I received for the big E hospital due to it clashing with my chemo session. Straight away I get through to my BC nurse and she says oh your half way through treatment you must be feeling it now in a jolly voice. I go into a sarcastic rant of well with the last week I’ve had I’m surprized I’m even bloody standing. I mean handsome Mr L had me waiting in his clinic for one hour and twenty minutes, only for me to be told you can go on your merry way. I mean he has not even said hi or bye since the damn damage done to my arm which could have been prevented if he had listened to me. She in reply tells me handsome Mr L did not even turn up for a meeting for the breast cancer group to inform them he would not be there. This left a group of women extremely upset because they had turned up to ask him about chemotherapy and the ups and downs. I reply well this man needs a boot up his righteous arse. And then I tell my BC nurse about the white cell injection saga and the portacath. Then to hit home how truly disappointed I am with my treatment I say, I have received better care with my high risk pregnancy and I’m bloody serious. I explained how I believed there had been a major cock-up and it all falls down to not receiving Herceptin. As a way of getting a reaction I say well if I received my treatment in America with a HER2 triple positive on biopsy results I would have received Herceptin. The BC nurses reply well we are not America…

So the question is… would you go for a second opinion if someone had offered to set it up for you?

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