Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cancer, But So What!

My usual two miles to school and back is always an eye opener especially when people take their time to walk and talk with me.
As I walk with another mum home we talk about my high spirited attitude and how she found it uplifting because I am always laughing. Apparently she admired the fact even though I’ve had issues I still managed to joke about my treatment. My reply was because people make decisions not cancer. Cancer hates laughter or so I’ve been told… raising my now thinning eyebrows…
I have learnt to avoid the tears and feeling like life is unfair I must remain realistic in some way. Yes tears, anger and fall outs with this cancer treatment come with accepting and understanding the conveyor belt I now share and I don’t shy away from showing it. It is not everyone else’s cup of tea because tolerances differ, but with me I will not let my treatment drag me down that deep dark silent rabbit hole of despair. Whereas others do need that extra support to vent, I have decided I don’t. I have been there and done that and it did not help to solve my situation… so I laugh and joke it is my way of dealing or coping… it’s not something to be admired... it’s who I am…
I don’t need my husband to accept my scars or friends because I know their opinions mean nothing. Friends come and go, and so can my husband if he feels I’m not good enough I have plenty replacements in the side lines. I don’t shy away from speaking my mind or expressing my opinions when others would sooner I remain silent, but that is who I am. If I did things any differently both my treatment and my personality would implode then I would not be laughing would I.
I explain to her how I have a strong image of me sat in a chair grumbling wishing I had done that, and the fear of knowing the only reason I didn’t was because I was busy trying to keep others happy. That story is something I dread because if you are not careful it can so easily happen. I don’t care about what idiots think because my priority is to my young daughter and myself. I cannot control cancer, but I can control the time I have and being a miserable buggar is not me.
I personally see everything very simplistically which means I don’t waste my time on the word NO! I am a very kind nature stubborn self-opinionated person with personal goals set out and these goals are not welcomed by everyone, but so what!

She smiled and agreed with what I was trying to explain to her. Yes I say to her I have cancer but cancer is cancer it won't wipe this beaming smile off my face. The clock is still ticking and it all falls down to me in how I use those seconds. Besides the 282 bus could hit me tomorrow have you seen the way they drive on this road… she laughed and gave me a big hug of support…


  1. Your feistiness fairly leaps off the page here Sarah :-) If we can't give ourselves permission to be ourselves with cancer, then we are missing a huge opportunity. Cancer strips away all that is false and unnecessary in our lives, and you have just proved the truth of that. Thinking of you always x

    1. Thank you Marie, .. People actually think that the treatment dictates who we are..they don't understand that there is an internal flame of mischief, confrontation or reasoning when expressing ones feelings during treatment.. the truth of the matter is it does fall on the people that we rely on for support, but I am actually fighting to maintain the independent Sarah I always was .. those little comments that we would normally ignore or take for-granted can actually dictate how our day begins or ends.. and this is what people do not get.. Sending love your way Marie xxxx