Friday, 23 November 2012

Sharing Breast Cancer Awareness With a Difference

A friend of mine approached me two weeks ago. He said Sarah I have this song and I want you to hear it. Well I instantly burst into tears because the lyrics were so moving. He asked if I would like to do a video with Sophia using this music. Now Lukas my friend wanted this video to be about awareness not pity. And he did not want people getting upset just in case he got it wrong.
To me the words explained the journey of not just cancer, but life itself. As a parents we spend most our time protecting our children. teaching them the skills to move on, but sometimes those very children become the carers without even realizing it. The video is about a mum wanting her child not to worry about illness, but the hidden reality is we just don't know what is waiting around that corner. 

On the 18th November Lukas arranged a make-up artist Cee-Cee who filled my crevices. Then we went in search of a location the first one was water logged to poor Lukas annoyance because he did not want me out in the cold too long. The next location for the shoot had too many houses in the background and we wanted it to be PVT. Finally after 30 minutes of running round we settled on a location that Lukas had used before. I felt like a total idiot walking down in a white evening gown at 12 in the afternoon but hey…

The ground was still sodden and the white gown had a ring of mud round the base within 1 hour of filming. All was required from me was to lip sync the words. I had two weeks to learn them because of the timing with Chemotherapy. This was my decision because I did not know how my next cycle would go and the weather was changing fast. I and Sophia are not very tuneful in fact I’m a cat so I was happy to lip sync.
Three hours felt like five minutes it passed so fast, but Sophia had a marvellous time with the pink ribbon wand. Ricky another friend who was there kept crying because he could relate to the treatment I was on. The words say it all for me…
Ricky and Cee-Cee thank you for giving your time on such a special project xxx
Lukas I love ya! Because you are a very talented young man with a dream and the comments left on this video and on my FB page say it all xxx

MUsic from P!nks latest album an un-offical music video with credit to P!nk


  1. Hi Sarah, I've just watched the beautiful video - you should all be very proud of such a lovely achievement. Good luck with all your treatment, I'm in the same boat, and with children to protect. We'll all get out the other side, and we and our children will be stronger, more resilient and more compassionate as a result. Take care and hope you have a much better 2013. Yvonne x

    1. Ty Yvonne and I hope all is well where you are and 2013 is better than 2012..

      Sarah M xxxx

  2. To Sarah and Sophia, I have just watched your video and it touched my heart, brought me to tears it was so beautiful. The love between a mother and daughter is so precious and this is now something that not only the two of you can cherish for always but the rest of the world too. I thank you for your gift. Many prayers and good thoughts your way beautiful ladies xx

    1. Thank you Shannon.. Here's to a cancer free 2013 xxxx

  3. To Sarah and her beautiful Sophia... I'm speechless, this video is amazing, beautiful. I cried like a baby watching this, thank you so much for sharing this to the world. I'm from France, and I send you all the strength and courage I can to fight cancer.
    With all my respect and my admiration.

    1. Bonjour Hélène,
      J'ai pensé que je devrais répondre en français ... Je suis content que vous avez trouvé notre vidéo très inspirant. Pour moi, il s'agissait de faire connaître aux gens les observateurs silencieux assis à regarder et en agitant le ruban rose en notre nom. En ce moment je suis à deux semaines complètes d'un stage de cinq semaines de radiothérapie, pour autant contrairement à la chimiothérapie, il ya peu d'effets secondaires.
      Encore une fois un grand merci pour votre commentaire ...
      Gardez le contact

      Sarah M xx