Monday, 31 December 2012

One Step to Cancer Free 2013...

The pond has become a wishing well with the fish like sharks protecting its treasure trove of wishes never to be repeated.

My visit to the big CC hospital on the 31st December reveal sometimes stomping your feet and speaking to the right people actually works. I don’t know if my MP or just those few people that I vented too intervened and opened my team’s eyes, but it looks like I am finally being heard. I saw handsome Mr L at the clinic and we spoke openly about my arm and he assured me that it will be sorted. The arm has yet again flared up with the Thrombophlebitis, so he could see for himself how much pain I am in. Handsome Mr L has put me on an even stronger course of anti-biotic to try and clear the inflammation. He is also arranging therapy to get my arm back to normal which he says is achievable.
We spoke about the next route of treatment which means five weeks of radiotherapy for 30 minutes every day. The reason for five weeks of radiotherapy and not three is because of the reconstruction. The threat of damage to my lower part of my left lung which is said will only be 1% is the only issue that will arise from this therapy. No matter which way I look at it each therapy will leave its own individual scar which I have to live with. The other issue is my recon will become deformed and may harden which then will require tweaks. All the issues that could arise were clearly explained in full and now I feel comfortable again. There is no need for me to see PAL or feel neglected any longer. The stress of the last few months has subsided, but. .. And there is always is that but… 

The sister at the clinic was not a normal smiley self and I do believe that maybe she was the one who had to explain how my condition had not been picked up sooner.

When I spoke to my husband about the tension he said well of course. The sister is the eyes and ears of the clinic and she is the one who sees you before any consultant. If you had been complaining about your arm and a person at the Maggie Cancer Centre had to step in then that is embarrassing for the clinic. Thrombophlebitis is rare and when it occurs someone has not been checking you correctly. 

I do hope this is the last of my issues with this treatment, but who knows all I can do is stay positive and take every day as it comes. Roll on the New Year and my final cycle of FEC 75… 


  1. Onwards and upwards, Sarah. Wishing you a healthy 2013. xx