Friday, 28 December 2012

Prevention in Hope of a Cure..

We all talk about New Year resolutions of sort’s this time of year, but the resolution of hope is something that echo’s stronger than ever. Hope is something I grasped onto from the very beginning whilst combing through the internet for one little bit of info that will end the nightmare before it even began. Yet the reality that many fear after years of treading the positivity cloud and seeing many lose their brave fight. That hope is a mere illusion that hides the silent tears.

Hope is all we have; hope is what keeps us going. Yes and hope can be replaced with despair when yet another face fades away thanks to cancer.

Cancer is so complex we are very much a long way from finding a cure a researcher told me this year. It could be ten years or thirty who knows before a cure is found. The truth is more and more money is being ploughed into early detection that’s how complex cancer truly is.
Cancer patients are surviving longer now than ever before, but nothing is mentioned about those women that put themselves threw new drug trails for that word HOPE!
I am personally grateful to those ladies that selflessly and silently do their part without receiving a thank you. These women are the ones behind a lot of the research into finding better target drugs until that illusive cure is found. And not one receives a payment for what they do… unlike the corporate drug companies that rely on their help.
Prevention in hope of a cure for cancer is the path men, women and children currently face. It is a harsh reality, but the truth behind the cancer lottery… let alone the breast cancer lottery.

Happy New Year!

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