Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sorry No Bucket List here!

I love this bucket list excuse behind me taking Sophia to premiere events, but there is no bucket list. Why pay £150 to go to a concert to see Katy Perry and not actually see her one on one? I’m a cheap skate of a Yorkshire woman and I want Sophia to actually chat with her, so I avoid paying the £150 and take her to a premiere which costs nothing. Not only that but she gets photo’s and an autograph. Does that sound crazy? Not to me because Sophia has walked seven red carpets and had a whale of a time meeting people that she sees on the big screen.

A bucket list I think sounds rather final in this cancer bubble. It makes the bucket list like a get out clause for doing things that we really want to do, but fear being judged for doing so. Maybe I’m wrong, but I do think I’m right on this one. I write this with bemusement written all over my face because people always need an excuse for getting excited, so they don't break the mould society finds acceptable.

Personally when I take Sophia to meet Tom Cruise or any other star I’m not looking at a bucket list, but at the long term affect it will have on her. My blog maybe full of glitches and mayhem with me chasing my treatment, but in general my focus is my young daughter.

Mary Poppins did not have a bucket, but a carpet bag of dreams. I’m adding a little spice and excitement away from breast cancer for my young daughter. And I am fully aware of what people might think or say, but guess what I’m doing it because it is free and she loves it. I don’t need the words ‘Bucket List’ to hide behind for my little adventures with Sophia. My daughters’ confidence has grown and grown since starting this hobby of ours. If that isn’t a good positive I don’t know what is…

As for my chemo treatment well only one more left then radiotherapy begins… 

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