Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thrombophlebitis And Being Pro-active

I personally draw the line with the relationship of patient and consultant. I have a saying that no-one is put on this earth to instantly like you. I have glitches in my personality and one of those glitches is trust. Whatever anyone says to me I investigate and double check or I play the observer very well. That is why it is important that consultants talk rather than lecture me on what they believe my treatment should be. Yes some of us patients are demanding and fussy, but with the mixture of fear and nerves you are bound to be. You have been thrown into a world i.e. cancer and the instant response is the negative ones. Will this shit kill me! And will this person really be able to save me?
The last few days have been hell for me and friends believe beyond a joke. After me sending the letter off to my MP I had already prepared myself for something to go wrong at the clinic at the big CC hospital.
As usual I arrived on time at the clinic had my bloods done waited 20 minutes and was told Sarah you do not need to see the consultant today. And make an appointment for the 31st for your next set of tests to be done. I said what is this a joke? I began to rant at the top of my voice. What is the point in having a consultant if you don’t see them. Then I explained on how when using the emergency oncology number in my chemotherapy book. I had developed a lump on my fore arm which she said on the phone was not a problem. I being sensible decided to go for a second opinion, so I went to the big NP hospital who diagnosed a cyst if left untreated would delay my treatment. Not only that the big NP hospital had tried to use that number that night and could not get a reply to double check on my treatment. You lot are clearly unaware of this and not once has that consultant checked my arm since the damage started from two cycles of chemo. My rant went into the clinic and I said it was disgusting you are treating these patients like meat and no one deserves that. The nurse said look let me get the sister to see you and I said no. I said forget it. You clearly do not know who you’re dealing with. I’ve already written to my MP and I will be writing again to keep him informed and tell handsome Mr L he needs to get his act into gear because his name and this clinic is clearly mentioned. He has cocked up and I will be seeing a solicitor.
As I walked down the corridor I bumped into the receptionist from the chemo unit. He said hi Sarah with a smile and when seeing the tears of frustration welling up in my eyes he asked what was wrong. I started to babble with emotion and then said that’s it I’m not having any more Chemo and I stormed away. I phoned my husband mentioning what had just happened. He instantly said Sarah go to A&E, so I did. I calmed myself down and nervously went into A&E and asked if I could see an oncologist to check my arm out. The A&E was fantastic and to be honest I wish my team were them.  I told them I had hit that brick wall of frustration and it was uncalled for. The fact I know I am not the only patient with the same sentiments on treatment says it all too. I said I don’t want to complain, but it has been one issue after the other and it has come to this. They said they will have my arm checked and get the version of events from the clinic too.
When the A&E doctor returned you could see her attitude had slightly changed towards me. She said the clinic had mentioned I had missed two appointments. My reply was clear if I have missed two appointments then pull CCTV footage and I did this with a calm smile. Clearly these people are covering their mistakes and did not expect me to come to you guys. The appointment at the clinic for my forth cycle of chemo was running late. When I say late I mean my appointment was at 8.50am and there were no lights no receptionist to book me in. I am a Yorkshire woman after having my bloods done I walked up to the reception desk said look you are clearly running behind can I have my next appointment for 21 days’ time? The sister had just arrived in the clinic at 9.10am saying really you should see your consultant. My reply was harsh because I said come off it I have not seen my consultant since July, so who are we kidding here. I continued look both my arms are working. Clearly my legs are working because I’m here and my jaws are yapping. Now a few other patients found what I said funny because of the issues in this clinic. I said look there are other patients here and they need you to sort them out I’m not priority and if there was something wrong I’d tell you. I did this all with a smile thinking I would be easing the work load not knowing that after my next cycle my left arm would swell. Clearly I say to the A&E doctor this has backfired on me, but I have been to every appointment issued and on time they are trying to escape their part in this mess. I looked at her I said I am speaking to you clearly and direct I’ve watched you quickly grab a bit to eat I don’t see a consultant sat in an office doing that. You are run off your feet and yes I am angry, but if I sued this hospital then those pressures will not be felt by a consultant but the hospital itself. I have been to several hospitals over a stretch of time and I have developed excellent relationships with nursing and doctors, but I also understand there are always a few bad apples.
The team in the A&E pushed for tests to be done on my arm because clearly there was still an issue there that needed investigating further.  The doctors had to rule out a thrombolytic situation because the lump was very hard. After a few hours and an ultra sound it was diagnosed as Thrombophlebitis.

I went to the Maggies centre that day too and they also inspected my arm out. Maggie’s have forwarded an email onto handsome Mr L clinic suggesting I have therapy on my left arm because the damage is so bad. Maggie’s is a life saver to those who don’t know. They can help bridge the gap with treatment and finances. The Maggie’s team are not just people they were in the nursing profession and understand the glitches that can occur when communication breaks down.   
As for my Chemo well yes I turned up on time with 24 mince pies and an apology to the receptionist for my outburst. They were laughing and joking with me straight away and knew it was totally out of character, but as I was stood there along came another compliant about clinic 8 from another patient and I pulled away shaking my head…

Yes we managed to walk the red carpet at the Jack Reachers premiere and Sophia met Tom Cruise lol

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