Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Children and Cancer Awareness Adverts

The unpredictable Mr Grumble is back with vengeance and with good reason. Yes whilst I’m halfway through my treatment and I should be celebrating finishing the chemotherapy. Part of me just wants to find a desert island to protect Sophia.

Out of the blue my young daughter said, Mummy it doesn’t matter if you die of cancer I’ll be alright… because we all die. I instantly start reassuring her that I’m not going anywhere.

But how can a child come to this conclusion about cancer?

Well for the record it was not through me or my husband because why would we discuss anything so negative with an eight year old child. No it boils down to the several adverts that run repeatedly with statistics’ on cancer types and survival rates. Sophia has put two and two together and her conclusion was the above.

So what was our solution?

Well I and my husband have been discussing for some time about getting Sophia to learn an instrument. Thankfully with me being an extra on the music video 'Baby Love' I was able to turn to a friend who was more than happy in helping me out.
I want Sophia to learn the Piano this meant less television and less cancer adverts. Don’t get me wrong this was not going to be cheap or change the outcome, but we are prepared for this. I can’t dissolve the damage done, but we can keep moving forward in hope the damage is not too deep. 
Yes whilst these adverts are informative and are raising both awareness and funds they should ask how it affects families with children who are innocent to the realities of cancer.
My last lot of chemotherapy has come and gone, but now I have to prep myself for the twenty-five sessions of radiotherapy over five weeks, so by bringing a musical instrument in the house gives our family something else to focus on other than my treatment. 


  1. Sigh. Good plan though. So hard to anticipate all the damaging messages out there that kids may be exposed to. Hugs to you. xoxo

  2. That's a great idea exposing her to music. It is unfortunate about all the junk on TV related to cancer. So glad for you that you're moving on to radiation. It's a pattern that you will get use to and it so much better than chemo. Good luck with all of this. XoXoXo- Susan

    1. Thank you Susan, No it hasn't been easy with having Sophia watching on - But diversion from the grind of treatment is something I feel strongly about with my child.

      Sarah M xx