Sunday, 20 January 2013

Keeping Busy and Beating Cancer

Dear Dr S,
Re: SARAH MENDOZA, D.o.B 29/07/1970
Hosp. No. ******** NHS No. **********
18 **** **** Road, ********, Middx *** ***

I saw Sarah today for her 6th and final Cycle of Adjuvant FEC 75 Chemotherapy. She has some right cording and superficial thrombophlebitis which for the latter I have given her Doxycycline, since there is some question as to whether she is allergic to an antibiotic she was given at the time of her portacap insertion. I today considered her for Adjuvant radiotherapy to the left reconstructive breast and I have also commenced her on Tamoxifen which will start with the first week of radiotherapy. She is going to have an echo-cardiogram prior to commencing her septin loading in March.

With many kind regards

Yours sincerely
Mr L

Note there is no mention of therapy for my arm. And I don’t think my GP sees the damage as being superficial especially when he was pushing me on my last meeting to complain to PAL. Oh and my GP has had a clash of words with Handsome Mr L before now over another issue.

In the mean time I’ve been keeping myself busy. First I and Sophia met Samuel L Jackson which was brilliant. Second I have been designing/making Sophia an Egyptian costume for school. 

not quite completed

1 day later completed


  1. OMG!!! That costume is totally fab! Whatever else you may do to it will only make it moreso.

    Well, dahling, time to bequeath this little animation to you, done while I was receiving radiation, because we all do seem to wonder, at least once, if this might happen...

    xoxo, Kathi

  2. You had me laughing out loud Kathi.. Now how am I gonna face my Rads without a smile developing .. <3 xxxx