Friday, 8 February 2013

Luxury Coffee V's Broken Rad's Machine

As I climb on board the central line tube to White City I receive a phone call from the big C hospital. Yet again one of the radiotherapy machines has broken down creating chaos within the department. It is kind of ironic because as the receptionist is explaining the situation I’m reading an article in the Metro highlighting the latest goof within our Bill and Ben government.

Under the headline ‘Cups and robbers’ MP's wanted to recruit four barista’s to serve luxury coffee. These barista's will be paid £20,173 for 39 hours work. Other perks that come with this job include reduced gym membership fees, an interest-free season ticket loan and a child care voucher scheme, as well as the statutory 28 days of holiday a year.

And then I hear the receptionist say they are cancelling my radiotherapy slot for today. I was not a happy bunny receiving this news. It says five weeks of radiotherapy, and I’m having five weeks of radiotherapy. 
When I say I’m ten minutes away the receptionists says she can find me a slot, but it would mean waiting around. It is cancer that does not wait I say to myself unlike this Yorkshire women.

I finished my phone call and I look at the article shaking my head. Since when did the delivery of a luxury coffee take priority over a machine that saves lives? Why can’t MP’s have a self-service centre like on the Chemotherapy wards or Radiotherapy?

A cancer patient can travel to a hospital and still manage to walk down a hallway to pour themselves a not so luxury cuppa on a freezing cold morning. Why can't a MP?

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