Monday, 4 February 2013

Pro-active Patients Strikes Back Again!

Two weeks completed of radiotherapy three weeks left, but yet again I have to chase something that should be routinely done. A portacap should be flushed every four weeks as routine and it is now the 4th February. Yet again the pro-active patient strikes back preventing another cock-up. How did I know it should be flushed well when the damn thing was fitted I asked lots of questions.
I have read in numerous articles recently how patients should be more in touch with their cancer treatment, but to actually remind medical staff at a cancer training hospital you have forgot to book a flush for portacap you fitted is taking the pro-active bit to far. This device now no longer needed for chemo treatment is actually vital for the infusion of my Herceptin which starts in March. What would clinic 6 have done if I had not shown interest and instead waited until they got in touch? What blame the patient or maybe sweep it under the carpet and press the Opps button! Or use the veins that are still throbbing from the damage done from two cycles of FEC75 J!

Well clearly the NHS is over stretched and those that are bothered can’t do diddly squat about reversing the staff shortage. 

In the UK the NHS is being crippled with mismanagement and the government freezing and closure of departments. The constant breakdown of radiotherapy machines is not a priority with Bill and Ben who run our country. No they have canap├ęs and best brandy in Westminster that are a necessity. But when push comes to shove they can always turn to the private sector for treatment when the NHS is finally brought to its knees. Yes I am being slightly sarcastic… and I did not vote the flower pot men in. 

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