Friday, 22 February 2013

The Last Zapping..

This past week has had its fair share of issues like when having my heart checked for starting Herceptin. Mr Nice who was doing the imaging thought I had not started my Chemotherapy treatment yet, so the baseline images are of a heart that has had 6 sessions of FEC and 17 zaps of rads. The way Mr Nice was talking I should have had it done well before treatment started. Confusing, well the conversation was for me too, trust me. Anyway I go to have a chat at The Maggie Cancer Center to ease my concerns. And whilst they found this unusual they said it might be because of age and fitness that they have changed procedure on imaging the heart.

Thankfully it is my last day of radiotherapy and people are encouraging me to celebrate, but to have a lay in with the remote without the worry is good enough for me. Personally if I could just leap off this conveyor belt without looking back would be bloody fantastic. And trust me Mr temptation is waving it's flag. 

By and by I still keep myself busy with everything and anything. On my own I went down to Leicester square after a zapping. I wanted to see in person Richard Gere. Crazy yes, but the two movies I love watching are ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ and ‘Pretty Woman’. And adding Richard Gere’s autograph to Sophia's Collection is a must. It was freezing, but worth the distraction of being there.

Then the following day I had a Touch Look Check event I had helped organize, 
so life goes on ticking.

I and Theresa

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