Thursday, 11 April 2013


It only took three weeks and a phone call to remind my BC nurse I had not changed my mind about the referral to the Royal Marsden, but finally she found the time to phone me back to say a letter had been sent that day. Her excuse was a recording had been left in a rack somewhere and had been overlooked. To me it dissolves any doubt I may have felt about the decision to move away from the hospitals treating me. Yes I understand the fact she and the team have other patients, but that is not my problem. My concerns are strictly for me and my wellbeing.

I feel a bit like the Lion in Wizard of Oz…I have a roar, but no-one is listening. It is no good when people see you more like a bag puss that is easily muffled, but when you put my back up against the wall my claws come out.

I’ve been told so many good things about the Royal Marsden I know I’m in safe hands.  

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