Monday, 22 April 2013

Pop The Cork.. Get in There!

Finally I received a phone call to say I’m being treated at the Royal Marsden. I explained why I wanted to be treated by them and they were more than happy for me to jump ship and join them. It was explained that in a year I may have to leave them once the Herceptin is done, but this will be reviewed then. They are requesting all my notes to review my treatment and to sit down and explain the results. They were surprised that no-one had taken the time to explain anything since finishing the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. That my notes were not present at my last appointment for me to ask any questions was inexcusable.

Every question the Royal Marsden asked I said I could not answer because I did not know. I said to be perfectly honest I’ll be happy just to put this whole mess behind me. I explained my only concerns were from the recurrence and my pathology report from my mastectomy in 2009. That my calls of concern were ignored, and if it was not for my vigilance my recurrence would not have been detected until it was too late.

So now I can breathe a sigh of relief and I meet my new oncologist on the 1st May.
And from there I want to share my first attempt at an oil painting. Yes it is a portrait of me and I’ve entered it into a competition. The title of the painting is... 

‘Contemplation with a big C.’

Thank you Marie Beattie for the title xx


  1. You should be so proud of this painting Sarah - it's wonderful! Good luck with the competition x

  2. Thank you Marie.. I have my fingers firmly crossed..