Monday, 13 May 2013

Raising Awareness With a Picture

For the past month I’ve had my paint brushes busy with a project I’m trying to get up and running. The idea is I paint images of choice by individuals who have faced cancer. All I request in return is to use these images in exhibition (yet to be found) and they write a paragraph about the image with a title.

Up until four weeks ago I had never used oil paints before. And since picking the paint brush back up I am on a roll. I’m so proud of my amateur efforts and the support I have received. The whole point is to raise awareness to the importance of creative therapy during treatment. Now creative therapy does not just mean art, it means more than that. Over the years I have watched people start sewing rag dolls, baking and music anything that expresses their determination to find a path other than the conversation of cancer.

If you look at my blog you will see I’ve dipped my wick in various media and it meant so much to my recovery and state of mind. A friend said, Sarah you’re not the type of person to sit still long. She’s right my head is full of ideas and the one medium that I depend on more than ever is painting. So if you want an image painting (does not have to be a portrait) leave a message. I’m trying to get a mix batch of 20 oil paintings together with a story behind.

Gina Potter 
Cancer Survivor Fab Makeover 

This fabulous painting by my amazing fellow cancer survivor friend Sarah Mendoza means a lot to me.  The photo that the painting is based upon was the day I had an amazing makeover in Harrods by makeup maestro and friend Daniel Sandler and this week, on 14 May 2013 I will celebrate my 50th birthday.  Two things I never thought would happen to me after being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2005.  Thanks Sarah x

This piece of pop art has had a lot of interest because of the individual in question.. yes it is for sale but not completed yet.. this oil painting and a few other pieces will fund this project if sold.

This image is of my young daughter Sophia.. This was the first ever portrait I ever painted back in 2009 weeks before my cancer journey began. Who would have thought this would lead to oil paints :)


  1. Very cool project. It will be fascinating to see the work collected together. Good luck! ~Catherine

  2. Thank you Catherine.. It is a challenge but one I am relishing..

    Sarah M xx