Monday, 24 June 2013

NED... I'm Clear of Mr C

Finally I have been given a clean bill of health. I’m still receiving treatment to make sure that NED does not turn heel, but for now I’m clear of Mr C. As the oncologist said the drugs are doing their job now go celebrate. 

So what am I doing to celebrate… well I’m determined to complete a feature movie script I’ve been busy researching. And the painting side is still on the go. I’ve contacted one Art Gallery in Acton and have not received a reply, but I’m an irritating twat so no doubt I think I should pay them a visit in person. There is nothing like someone making that little extra effort to show how serious they are. The painting below I’ve not completed yet because it needs some extra tweaks, but I have seen an art competition and I’m seriously thinking of entering it. The winners painting will be on show for 2 months in an art gallery in central London and a £1000 cheque. As the old saying goes ‘You don’t get, if you don’t try’. 

It was an old gent I got talking too in central London who told me how important these competitions are for any budding artist. And being an amateur does not stand in your way. If you get your paintings displayed in any of the big galleries it gives you weight in the art world and opens doors. 

The above painting is for Johnny Depp to autograph for Sophia. Sophia is a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and Johnny is in London on the 21st July.

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