Thursday, 18 July 2013

Welcome to.... Paint C Out!

I’ve finally decided on the name of my art project to raise awareness. I’ve been playing around with words, but ‘PAINT C OUT!’ says it all. By doing various acting pieces, assisting directing, creating costumes, writing and autograph collecting I was trying to paint C out. And in doing so I’ve achieved more than I’ve done in 38 years. I’ve made some wonderful friends through this cancer journey too, all supporting me on my mission to not let this disease have the last say. 

It is hard for people to understand at times where I am going or coming from. This crazy Yorkshire women on a mission to paint a prettier picture beyond cancer, but what else can I do. 

A painting can carry a thousand words or more. And these paintings all have their own story to be told especially by their authors.

Painting of Buddy titled “No Boundaries" 

When we allow love to flow, it does not matter where it comes from but only that we are open to receive it and from there we begin to heal.

by Sky Jones, Wadena, MN, USA

I named the Portrait "Supporting Cancer"
It was taken shortly after I shaved my head during my Chemo in 2012.
My husband is kissing my bald head, which he absolutely loved by the way.
I still have a smile on my face, even though I was going thru cancer.
It also shows the strong bond I have with my husband. A lot of people supported me thru my cancer journey and continue to do so. However without my husband by my side, loving me, giving me his strength I don’t think I would’ve done it with that smile on my face. Cancer affects everyone and this is to thank all the supporters.
You'd be amazed by how much your support means and is needed.
The smallest thing can sometimes mean the world, to someone whose world has fallen apart!
Merylee - Diagnosed at 28 and again at 29 - Now 30 & CANCER FREE!

Merylee and Robert Punchard, Wantirna, Victoria, Australia


  1. Sarah, you are such a talented painter. I love your new project!

  2. Thank You Marie.. And Yes!!! Johnny Depp signed the painting.. and those who have followed my story are intrigued about painting c out and are supporting me..


  3. Wonderful work! That last is my favourite, because it's the kinda love I like to see. ~Catherine

  4. Guys Check
    Its an FB page I've set out also for this project