Thursday, 22 August 2013

Yes Mad, But Determined!

Meeting people to sign paintings is not easy. I being me just make it look simple because I don’t mind waiting. When I say waiting, I mean ten hours or more with aching legs and a big smile. My daughter met Jennifer Aniston on the Friday, followed by One Direction on the Tuesday, but we had my mum with me who is in a wheel chair, so the wait was not as long. Would of I gone to One Direction without my mums help… hell no! It was utter madness and would have meant I had to camp out for two days to get wrist bands and there is a line i.e. the safety of my daughter and me.

The following day I went down on my own to the screening of Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy. My mother said I was mad, but I call it plain old determination. I started this project and I’m determined to get it up and running. And to be perfectly honest you don’t just give in at the first bit of doubt. Yes I have and still am having treatment for cancer, but that to me is not a problem. All I am thinking about is the help that could be generated from the monies raised. I now have three paintings signed, one part signed because two signatures’ are missing, and four waiting.

Someone said, but Sarah why not create your own charity with all that hard work. My reply is simple because there are too many. It is better to help a charity that is already established. And Maggie's London facilities are excellent.


My Mum meeting Simon Cowell... I said to Simon he could keep my sharpie pen. He said are you sure I said yes.. He was lovely and very charming..

Cillian Murphy On seeing his painting... WOW! lol


  1. I really admire your determination. It's so good you are writing it all down and sharing it with us. Frankly, it's rather exciting to see all the signatures you are collecting! I hope treatment is going well. ~Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine, Yes it does look exciting, but those bloody autograph dealers nearly messed things up yesterday. Thankfully my quick thinking soon solved my predicament. I slipped the painting right under Cillians noses before he retreated back into the theatre. Hence his reaction ... WOW! it stopped him in his tracks wish I recorded it, but I was too busy holding this large 20" - 24" canvas lol.. My treatment is going fine just the odd bit of fatigue here and there which is to be expected. Hope your Ok?

      Sarah M xx