Monday, 18 November 2013

Let's Paint C Out!

The last few weeks have been kind of surreal because of Paint C Out! Sophia’s hobby of collecting autographs has gone from being a mother and daughter searching for a distraction from the cancer journey to a whole new exciting challenge.

Yes it does come across as crazy painting these paintings and then I and Sophia getting them signed, but it’s like a red rag to a bull. A friend said, Sarah you have put so much time and money into creating Paint C Out why can’t it work. My answer is I just don’t know if people will jump on board. I look at the face book page I have created and I can see a steady movement of chatter, but it will take more than that to set up a peer drop in centre for children with parents facing the relentless cancer journey.

I look at what we have achieved thus far with a smile because even I had doubts. Paint C Out is a candle of hope that can perish like other community projects. I just need a lot of helpers and advisers to make sure it does not. That is the challenge that lies ahead because Paint C Out can loss its momentum. 

I do not profess to be the greatest artist I’m an amateur. The rough strokes of oil paint are my way of moving forward that is all, but I do admirer those stars that have unknowingly given me the boost to continue my quest and I thank them sincerely.

Let’s Paint C Out

Jude Law, Sophia and myself chatting.

Lady Gaga took the painting and posed for the paparazzi.

Emma Thompson reaction on seeing her painting.

Doug E Harper (Paint C Out), Angela (Maggie's), Steve Sealey and Carol Sealey holding a painting that I managed to get personalized by Benedict Cumberbatch for Carol.      

Myself painting and Sophia calculating who will be next in her collection. 
 Answer: Katy Perry

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