Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Where is the Support????

The more I look into the reasons Paint C Out was created. The more determined I am to see it flourish. My Miss Marple investigative no-nonsense let’s get to the bottom has unraveled why there are certain problems in West London alone on why there is no family care. At first I thought there was no compassion within the NHS, but the more people I talk to the more complex the problem is. Yet again the red tape that protects hospitals is preventing the supportive care required.

Charring Cross has no paediatrician licence which limits the type of care they can offer families. This licence also affects Maggie’s London which is why they have shown a great deal of interest in what I’m trying to do. There are many more hospitals this licence affects in the UK, but I think this is just the beginning of a bigger issue. As one person told me it falls on the type of oncologist that is treating you to the type of supportive care you receive.

My oncologist was only interested in my care, whilst my focus was on the psychological turmoil a breast cancer diagnosis was having on my two girls. When talking to the breast cancer nurse all my girls issues seemed to be brushed aside, as nonsense. And the conveyor belt I was on just kept on moving with my girls becoming silent observers. The end result is my eldest daughter has no trust with the medical establishment. 

I look at Paint C Out and know it could become an entity of its own. And I’m so grateful for the help we are receiving in trying to make it a reality, but I know for me to achieve my goal it is going to take determination and a strong voice for people to truly understand the journey of a young family with cancer.

Meantime our collection of paintings is getting bigger..

Katy Perry signed her painting

Leonardo DiCaprio sat drying..


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