Things I do to Escape Cancer!

Costume I designed and made for Egyptian week

My Courvoisier Cognac Christmas Cake.. Trust the men love it... and my recipe. Yum Yum

I call This Tower of Strength... cos I gonna need it

Currently in production

Click here for the Making of 'Baby love'

Click for the completed video

My daughter Sophia Watercolour Painted by Sarah Mendoza

Love Designing pieces like this

Sophia's 1st birthday cake Yes I bake and ice cakes

Prop I designed and made after having my mastectomy..
It helped me to focus on the something other than the pain...

Costume I designed for 'Antigoni'

Designed/Made 20 of theses for stage 'Chorus Line' 

Designed/made 14 of theses were made for stage

Someone requested for a lady with BC 40th Birthday

Made and designed 98 of these including cupcakes and raised £120 for cancer research uk

14 of these were made for her Majestie's theatre in London by me

Trini birthday cake bake iced & designed by me

Calendar image which raised cash for Macmillan, St Giles and Sharon Fox Drop in Center